About Me


Amateurs worry about gear – Professionals worry about money
Masters worry about light – I just take pretty pictures

Who am I?

I’m Craig. I’m a photographer that is also a Native New Yorker and team Nikon. I’ve done my fair share of travel but NYC is home.
I have many years of experience and I enjoy working with a variety of styles. I excel in different types of portraiture such as environmental, glamour, fine art, implied and nude. While I’ve been successful at selling my art and have been featured in several publications, I’m eager to keep pushing myself to go further with my craft.

I’ve been doing this for a while and have acquired a great group of friends, that just so happen to have modeled for me. They inspire a lot of creativity within me and I the same with them but due to some moving away and some with hectic schedules we are not able to get together as often as we would like. That energy they bring and use to inspire my creative process is priceless and I’m so thankful to have such wonderful muses in my life.

Who am I looking for?

I am seeking like minded, creative, communicative, collaborative and reliable people to work with to expand our portfolios and for possible submissions. I have a lot of great ideas to share and work with one of my favorite freelance Creative Directors, Alexis Lewis (aka experienced model LexLethal who can be found at thevagrinda.com or @msfabulex on Instagram) to put together an incredible shoot. I am also looking to connect with MUA, stylists, clothing designers and more apparel companies to collaborate with. I’m open to shooting lookbooks, adverts, web content and more.

What am I willing to shoot?

While my fortes are environmental, glamour and more artistic work, I am a professional photographer that can conduct a shoot that will ensure your satisfaction with the photos regardless of the style or idea. Besides, I’m a native New Yorker — nothing shocks me! Ha!

Paid work gets priority but I am open to select trades if you have a great idea or business plan. Don’t be afraid to contact me to discuss. I genuinely enjoy what I do.

Where can you find me and some more of my work on social media?

Deviant Art