Lost Files


I found a folder on my computer of edited photos that I have never uploaded anywhere. Not on Flickr, Deviant art, 500 PX, Tumblr, not anywhere.It seems that as I shoot, I edit photos from the shoot with the intention of posting them, but in the process, I shoot more and then post those photos. That is how this backlog was created. So I am now going to start clearing out this backlog of photos. Hope you all enjoy the “Lost Files” along with the new work that I will be posting


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Shooting vs Editing

So I was asked recently, “What do you like better, shooting or editing”? I found this an interesting question as I hadn’t been aware that editing seemed to be such an important part of the work I present,. So I pondered!
Here’s the answer. I really, for the most part, enjoy shooting. What I love about shooting is the connection with people I enjoy. Shooting with me is a very casual thing and as was remarked to me recently,nice because I get so much done in not a lot of time. I adore most of the people I work with. Sometimes I have a tough person or a bad experience with someone and that can leave a bad taste in my mouth and makes me not want to shoot at all anymore . At the very least I wouldn’t shoot with that person anymore. Arranging shoots can be such a chore and honestly, I really wish I could just get someone to do it for me and all I would need to do is show up with my camera shoot what I want/need and go home. The shooting creative process I must confess is and has for some time been a challenge for me. I know it when I see it!

Editing. Well I LOVE to edit. I am a very solitary person and I love spending hours alone in my “digital darkroom”. I shoot to get the image that I want and shoot with a final image or thought in mind most times. Other times I just look at an image and think “what can I do to this?”  Do I know if it’s going to be a B&W image or a color image when I am shooting it? Very often yes but sometimes I just look at an image when I get home and think, “WOW, that’s gonna look great in B&W or in color” It’s in my “digital darkroom” where my creativity comes out. Perhaps I am more of an artist than a photographer and photography is just vehicle.

Loch BlogThe Lady in the Loch

So this shot here (which by the way is just absolutely one of my favorite shots I have ever taken) was taken with Nadine Stevens in a lake in NJ. I shot about dozen shots in this series. I KNEW instantly that this was magical and that to me is the beauty of shooting. When you are in that moment and you KNOW you have the shot! But when I started editing and began to develop those tones and really,in my opinion, brought this photo to life, well that was the magic.
This was a great shoot I had with Nadine and I had a wonderful time hanging out and shooting with her. She was great to work with and made the shooting process a joy. I get that more often than not and I am thankful for that. I have worked with some truly amazingly wonderful artist to help create some what I think are some beautiful photos
So, which do I like better? Well I gotta give it to the editing but by a slim margin. Shooting is wonderful and I love to be with the people that I am shooting, but in editing, I think that’s where my most creative juices come out
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Morning Stretch blog post


So I just posted  my one thousandth photo on flickr and I chose to make it an image of Kelsey Dylan. Kelsey has been there for so many firsts in my photographic journey that I chose her for #1000. Kelsey Dylan is the first woman I ever shot nude. It was part of a workshop that she and I attended. From there I went on to shoot in many more workshops and one day I get a message from Kelsey saying she’s going to be in town and would I like to work with her. That’s like asking me if I want to take my next breath, the answer was of course yes. I never had to set up my own shoot before and deal with the logistics as I shot in workshops and basically just showed up with my camera and shot the model. So Kelsey became the first model I ever hired privately and worked with one on one. An auspicious start to say the least and I got my feet wet and stopped working in workshops and began to hone the craft of the art nude.I hear of a workshop being taught by one of my photographic idols,Chip Willis (who it turned out is very good friends with Kelsey) and I think, I must jump at the chance to learn with him. The workshop is in Columbus Ohio and I know I GOTTA go. As luck would have it his very good friend Kelsey Dylan is going to be the model for this workshop. So now Kelsey is the first model I have photographed outside of New York.

So I’ve learned a lot, shot a lot and now I feel it may be time to move on to a “big-boy” camera and waffle back and forth between the Nikon D-600 and the D-800. I decided on the D-600 (for reasons I won’t go into here) Right around this time I get a call from Kelsey saying she’s going to be in NY and would I like to shoot with her. You already know the answer and at that point I know, I must get this camera before the shoot and break it in with her and so i did and Kelsey became the first person I photographed with my new camera. I learned a lot from Chip Willis in his workshop and one lesson was about lenses  and so for one solid year, I shot with one focal length. 50.mm. I got so comfortable with that lens that when I put the camera to my eye, well, I knew what it was going to look like before I looked through the viewfinder. One year. After that year, I felt I deserved a treat for my next lens in the lesson and being a portrait photographer my choice was the beautiful  Nikon 85mm f/1.4 G AF-S. (for the record, a magnificent piece of glass) and just before I went to go purchase this lens, I discover my friend Kelsey was headed to New York again. Well, at this point I know Kelsey is going to be the first person I shoot with this lens.

So here I am at 1000 photos for Craigmac1000 and I think it only fitting that my 1000th photo should be of Kelsey Dylan. Thank you for all your great work and your friendship Kelsey

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And so it goes

This is from my latest shoot with April-Lea. Shot in New York City

And so it goes

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