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I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit!

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 9.01.11 PMThose familiar with my work know that I shoot a lot of art nudes. I post to several sites to share the work that accept nude photos. One thing they all have in common is that you have to opt in, in order to see “mature” content. That is to say that you need to agree to want to see mature content. It’s not like you are looking at sunsets and trees and all of a sudden, bam, theres a photo of a nude woman there.

Also, they require that the poster tag/flag that the work is of mature content. Now I am respectful of these requirements and am vigilant in tagging/flagging my photos so nothing I post should come as a shock to anyone.

So WHY do I get messages about people who have issues with my photos. You HAVE opted in to see mature content, the work is tagged/flagged mature. Is it that you want some of this, but none of that?

I got one of these messages on my 500 px account and they deleted the photo from there and quite frankly, that is the last straw. I can take criticism and even just ugly comments about my work (those are easy enough to ignore) but the part time puritans are more than I can take.I have taken my 500 px account dark and will no longer post there

The Muse is back

So my muse, Lex Lethal, is back in New York. We’ve been brainstorming and working out ideas and have some some amazing things in the works. Some of them deal with photography that will be seen on my social media sites, some of it not. Stay tuned Chain-Reaction

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10,000 notes

This photo has gotten more than 10,000 “notes” on tumblr. I have other photos on tumblr with more than 10,000 hits but those were posted by others, this is the first one I have posted myself thats gotten 10,000 notes.10,000

Art is art

I got a message on my Instagram from Lex Lethal pointing me to this art work done by someone who goes by the name starvin_artist. It’s a painting done based on a photo I took of Lex a few years back. I love the piece and for the record, I LOVE when artist take my work and repurpose it into other forms of art i.e. Paintings,drawings. I,however HATE when “retouchers” decide they want to “reedit” a photo of mine
PTTP 1941059_243071342533172_1049294228_n


Looks like my girl Kelsey Dylan did it again. First photo to reach 20,000 hits on my flickr! Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 2.50.29 PM Take-my-leave

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Ah Sunflower

I’ve never been good at the whole “hair-flipping” thing but here the light was right and the model extraordinary and so here is the result

Model Keira GrantAh-Sunflower

Lost Files


I found a folder on my computer of edited photos that I have never uploaded anywhere. Not on Flickr, Deviant art, 500 PX, Tumblr, not anywhere.It seems that as I shoot, I edit photos from the shoot with the intention of posting them, but in the process, I shoot more and then post those photos. That is how this backlog was created. So I am now going to start clearing out this backlog of photos. Hope you all enjoy the “Lost Files” along with the new work that I will be posting


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And so it goes

This is from my latest shoot with April-Lea. Shot in New York City

And so it goes