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The Story of the Portrait; “Out of the hole”

Well, I have decided to do a feature blog post on “The Story of the Portrait”. My intent is to tell the story behind some of my favorite portraits that I have shot over the years.
I will start with this portrait titled “Out of the hole”
Out of the hole
While participating in a workshop/walking tour of Spanish Harlem, I came across this gentleman. An imposing figure no doubt. Here’s the story. I generally like to shoot very candid when shooting street photography because I believe that yields the most natural look. By that I mean “sneaky” photos where the person is not even aware they are being photographed, but in this example I actually stopped and had a conversation with him.Even though it looks like this guy is about to come out and kick the fuck out of me, turns out he was super nice and very gracious about having his picture taken even though he was busy doing chores about his house. That’s where I shot this. The “hole” as it were is actually where the doorway to his basement apartment is and he was coming out and that’s when I snapped this shot. I love the intensity on his face and the feel of action in the shot.
The shirt BTW, says “Fuck Osama”
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Shooting vs Editing

So I was asked recently, “What do you like better, shooting or editing”? I found this an interesting question as I hadn’t been aware that editing seemed to be such an important part of the work I present,. So I pondered!
Here’s the answer. I really, for the most part, enjoy shooting. What I love about shooting is the connection with people I enjoy. Shooting with me is a very casual thing and as was remarked to me recently,nice because I get so much done in not a lot of time. I adore most of the people I work with. Sometimes I have a tough person or a bad experience with someone and that can leave a bad taste in my mouth and makes me not want to shoot at all anymore . At the very least I wouldn’t shoot with that person anymore. Arranging shoots can be such a chore and honestly, I really wish I could just get someone to do it for me and all I would need to do is show up with my camera shoot what I want/need and go home. The shooting creative process I must confess is and has for some time been a challenge for me. I know it when I see it!

Editing. Well I LOVE to edit. I am a very solitary person and I love spending hours alone in my “digital darkroom”. I shoot to get the image that I want and shoot with a final image or thought in mind most times. Other times I just look at an image and think “what can I do to this?”  Do I know if it’s going to be a B&W image or a color image when I am shooting it? Very often yes but sometimes I just look at an image when I get home and think, “WOW, that’s gonna look great in B&W or in color” It’s in my “digital darkroom” where my creativity comes out. Perhaps I am more of an artist than a photographer and photography is just vehicle.

Loch BlogThe Lady in the Loch

So this shot here (which by the way is just absolutely one of my favorite shots I have ever taken) was taken with Nadine Stevens in a lake in NJ. I shot about dozen shots in this series. I KNEW instantly that this was magical and that to me is the beauty of shooting. When you are in that moment and you KNOW you have the shot! But when I started editing and began to develop those tones and really,in my opinion, brought this photo to life, well that was the magic.
This was a great shoot I had with Nadine and I had a wonderful time hanging out and shooting with her. She was great to work with and made the shooting process a joy. I get that more often than not and I am thankful for that. I have worked with some truly amazingly wonderful artist to help create some what I think are some beautiful photos
So, which do I like better? Well I gotta give it to the editing but by a slim margin. Shooting is wonderful and I love to be with the people that I am shooting, but in editing, I think that’s where my most creative juices come out
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