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The Muse is back

So my muse, Lex Lethal, is back in New York. We’ve been brainstorming and working out ideas and have some some amazing things in the works. Some of them deal with photography that will be seen on my social media sites, some of it not. Stay tuned Chain-Reaction

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Lost Files


I found a folder on my computer of edited photos that I have never uploaded anywhere. Not on Flickr, Deviant art, 500 PX, Tumblr, not anywhere.It seems that as I shoot, I edit photos from the shoot with the intention of posting them, but in the process, I shoot more and then post those photos. That is how this backlog was created. So I am now going to start clearing out this backlog of photos. Hope you all enjoy the “Lost Files” along with the new work that I will be posting


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