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Let that be a lesson to you all……….

Photo that was used by my friend Sandra LaMorgese for her blog post on her “Yes Mistress” blog. The story is a great read about Impact Play.If you don’t know what that is, you can read about it here at Impact Play

Shades of Grey sMy personal experience is that when I first met her to photograph her, I joked around about her using her cane on me (the very one in this photograph), the “joke” turned serious and before I knew it, I was on the business end of that cane. It hurt,yeah, but also there was this rush of endorphins and electricity. It’s not something I would want for a long and sustained period of time but what a rush at the moment

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How Going to a Nude Beach at 59 Empowered Me

I got to go to a nude beach and take photographs of an amazingly beautiful 59 year old woman, who was there for the first time in her 59 years. Great thing about this is that she got to write about it on her blog at Huffington Post and include photos from that day

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Check out the article and photographs at her blog

How Going to a Nude Beach at 59 Empowered Me


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