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The Story of the Portrait; “Out of the hole”

Well, I have decided to do a feature blog post on “The Story of the Portrait”. My intent is to tell the story behind some of my favorite portraits that I have shot over the years.
I will start with this portrait titled “Out of the hole”
Out of the hole
While participating in a workshop/walking tour of Spanish Harlem, I came across this gentleman. An imposing figure no doubt. Here’s the story. I generally like to shoot very candid when shooting street photography because I believe that yields the most natural look. By that I mean “sneaky” photos where the person is not even aware they are being photographed, but in this example I actually stopped and had a conversation with him.Even though it looks like this guy is about to come out and kick the fuck out of me, turns out he was super nice and very gracious about having his picture taken even though he was busy doing chores about his house. That’s where I shot this. The “hole” as it were is actually where the doorway to his basement apartment is and he was coming out and that’s when I snapped this shot. I love the intensity on his face and the feel of action in the shot.
The shirt BTW, says “Fuck Osama”
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Lost Files


I found a folder on my computer of edited photos that I have never uploaded anywhere. Not on Flickr, Deviant art, 500 PX, Tumblr, not anywhere.It seems that as I shoot, I edit photos from the shoot with the intention of posting them, but in the process, I shoot more and then post those photos. That is how this backlog was created. So I am now going to start clearing out this backlog of photos. Hope you all enjoy the “Lost Files” along with the new work that I will be posting


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